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  Synod 2017 registration page – 25-27  October 2017  

Scroll down to locate your correct zone and to register
(please note that if you are registering as an observer, the fee is only $150 regardless of which zone you are in)

Synod pricing
Registration costs for official church delegates' will vary depending on geographic location.
(NOTE: Observers pay a flat fee regardless of location.)

WARNING: The early bird price will end on September 30th and go up by $50 starting October 1st.

Rationale for variable pricing
To address the disparity in travel costs, the ANiC Council has instituted a very Canadian solution – a cost equalization formula. As a result delegates living closer to Burlington will pay a greater share of the synod costs since they incur fewer travel-related expenses, while those living furthest from Burlington will pay lower synod fees to account for their greater travel costs. 

While any attempt to equalize costs will be imperfect, this is an attempt to even the overall costs for our delegates. Following synod the plan will be reassessed and refined as needed for future synods and conferences. 

Zone map
For purposes of determining synod registration fees, we have arbitrarily created 3 geographic zones. Churches will be assessed delegates’ fees based on the rate for their zone.

zone map

Registration by Zone

Zone 1 Delegate: CDN$550.00
Zone 2 Delegate: CDN$400.00
Zone 3 Delegate: CDN$170.00
Observer (from any zone): CDN$150.00

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