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Diocese of BC attempts to prevent St Matthias (Victoria, BC) completing its discernment process
Diocese of BC attempts to prevent St Matthias (Victoria, BC) completing its discernment process (February 2009). A statement posted [remove hyperlink] on the Diocese of BC website by the bishop’s commissary (which has since been removed) provides a misleading account of events at St Matthias and contains a number of misrepresentations that need correction. (The same misrepresentations are found in this news item from the Anglican Journal) The special vestry planned for the people of St Matthias will proceed on March 8th as planned.

See the full text of the sermon delivered by the rector of St Matthias on 22 February 2009. Notice the serious disparity between the diocese’s portrayal and the actual sermon.

Anglicans in Niagara debate the issues dividing the Communion
Representatives from ANiC parishes in Southern Ontario were on The Michael Coren show, 31 July 2008, with representatives of the Anglican Church of Canada Diocese of Niagara discussing the issues that divide the Communion and have causes ANiC churches to realign with the orthodox Anglican Province of the Southern Cone. See the video of this program [This is a large file so will take awhile to load]. (The Michael Coren show is aired on CTS TV and seen in Ontario, Calgary and Edmonton.)

Christians and the secular courts
Dr J I Packer comments on 1 Corinthians 6, where St Paul urges Christians not to take fellow Christians to court, in the context of the Anglican Network in Canada’s current legal disputes with the Anglican Church of Canada.

Is there room for Orthodoxy in the Anglican Church of Canada?
Layman Ben Buan ponders the Anglican Church of Canada’s treatment of orthodox Anglicans. In Orthodoxy – the sacrifice at the altar of inclusivity he recounts his personal experience of being shown the door by his parish priest. In Orthodoxy in perilous times, he ponders the Anglican Church of Canada’s growing intolerance of orthodoxy.

Network responds to Anglican Church of Canada (ACC)
Archbishop Hiltz wrote a letter to be read in Anglican churches across Canada on Sunday, December 2 saying the ACC “deplores recent actions on the part of the Primate and General Synod of the Province of the Southern Cone to extend its jurisdiction into Canada…”. The statement says these actions are unnecessary, inappropriate, unwelcome and contravene ancient church traditions.

Archbishop Gregory Venables of the Southern Cone has added to his original letter to the Network in response to Archbishop Hiltz’ and the ACC’s statement.

Bishop Don Harvey also responded with a letter saying Archbishop Venables actions were very necessary due to the ACC’s innovations and disregard of historic Anglican and Christian doctrine, were broadly supported across the Communion since the ACC is widely perceived to be walking apart, and most welcome by faithful Anglicans needing biblically faithful episcopal oversight.

Who Are the Schismatics?
+Michael Ingham says the Network is. Dr George Egerton says +Ingham is.
Dr J.I. Packer reminds us what schism really is.


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