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  The St. Michael Report

[originally published at]

The Preface to the St. Michael Report sets out its terms of reference:

“The General Synod of 2004 requested 'that the Primate ask the Primate's Theological Commission to review, consider and report to the Council of General Synod, by its spring 2006 meeting, whether the blessing of committed same-sex unions is a matter of doctrine'. The Primate, the Most Rev. Andrew Hutchison, made this request of the Theological Commission and stressed the need for timely consideration. Archbishop Hutchison was convinced that in the interests of our church's need to be ready for the General Synod 2007, the Primate's Theological Commission should try to have its report ready by the Fall of 2005. We concurred and eventually committed ourselves to an even earlier timeline of presenting to the Council of General Synod in May, 2005.”

The first sentence of the first section of the Report states -

“1. The Commission has concluded that the blessing of same-sex unions is a matter of doctrine.”

...and the first section goes on to say -

“...We are particularly concerned to call the whole church to engage in furthering the discussion of this issue... in the earnest hope that it will lead to a clearer discernment of 'sound doctrine' and to our goal of wholeness in Christ.”

Click here for the full text of the St. Michael Report.

Click here for a response to the Report by world-renowned theologian, Dr. J.I. Packer.

Click here for an article by Canadian theologian, David Curry, who examines what doctrine is and where it properly comes from.

Click here for a study of the Report by Dr. Edith Humphrey, who looks at the present-day issues surrounding the development of doctrine from Holy Scriptures.

Click here for reflections on pastoral care by the Reverend Dr. Murray Henderson, a specialist in this field. His article makes particular reference to helping men and women with same-sex attractions.

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